2020 Health and Fitness Consumer Survey

Because of the 2020 pandemic, people have had to shift their health and fitness habits. As gyms have reduced hours or even closed, consumers have taken to mobile apps to fill in the gaps. Yet, though these changes have been inspired by the pandemic, new data shows they’re here to stay— even when gyms open back up and people’s routines return to normal. Penthera wanted to understand how people are using mobile devices for working out and wellness in 2020, so we worked with a third party research company to query people in the U.S. who watch mobile fitness content. What we found is that it’s more important than ever for health and wellness companies to have a mobile-first strategy and to include integrated video technology.
2020 US Fitness Insights


US Fitness Survey Form

What's In the Survey

The US Fitness Survey is a comprehensive report of attitudes and behaviors about mobile apps.

behavior (2)
What motivates consumers to use mobile apps for their health.
yoga (2)
How often and how long they work-out with apps.
What mobile apps can do to drive viewership and engagement.

About the Survey

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2020 US Fitness Survey

For the report, Penthera worked with a 3rd party research company to survey 500 people 18 and older in the US about their mobile fitness behaviors. Our responses include all people who watch mobile fitness video content.