Build vs Buy: Key Factors to Consider Before Implementing Download

Our newest white paper shares the crucial factors that you need to consider when deciding whether to have your own engineers build a download engine from the ground up or invest in a SAAS company who has the expertise and can save you time and money.

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What's In the White Paper

download (4)
Learn the nuances of download functionality such as permissions and business rules.
technical-support (1)
Understand the level of ongoing support, improvements, and performance monitoring needed to have a working download feature.
advertising (2)
See a breakdown of the complexities of building an ad-supported download engine.

About the White Paper

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Build vs Buy: Key Factors to Consider Before Implementing Download

When it comes to mobile video streaming, there are unique challenges in perfecting the experience, and mobile viewers are at a high risk for last mile issues. That’s why more OTT providers are adding a download feature to their apps: to help users circumvent last mile issues by pushing the edge all the way to the device, so they can stream locally from their smartphone or tablet without any issues.

Yet implementing and maintaining download technology can be difficult, with technical and experiential intricacies that require a deep understanding of how viewers use downloading. With the streaming wars making competition more intense, it’s critical that you nail your users’ first impression. 

Read this white paper to better understand the risks of building the feature in-house versus hiring a company with sophisticated downloading technology and years of experience.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Extending the Edge to the Device with Downloading 
  • Chapter 1: Building with OS-Provided Download Engines
  • Chapter 2: The Surprising Complexities of DIY Download
  • Chapter 3: The Long Game of Feature Maintenance
  • Chapter 4: Downloading for AVOD & Innovating Beyond Basic Download
  • Chapter 5: The Cost of Building Download Features in House
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix and Sources