How AVOD Providers Can Finally Offer Mobile Download


Learn how ad-supported video download is becoming a reality.

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To date, only subscription video on demand (SVOD) services have been able to provide their viewers mobile video download functionality, with ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) services unable to offer the same. Until now. Penthera’s latest solution has solved the unique challenges of offline video advertising so that AVOD providers can now take advantage of download functionality and replicate the streaming ad model in an offline environment—with the same timeliness, targeting, and analytics. Solving viewer issues like buffering and allowing viewers to watch content regardless of connectivity, AVOD providers can generate additional ad revenue. Plus, providers who already offer download capabilities can now add ads to their offline content to more drive revenue, too. Learn more about Penthera’s latest solution, Download2Go for AVOD, in our White Paper.




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Improve User Experience
How offline video ads solve the user experience
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Why offline video ads are a huge revenue opportunity
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The challenge of implementing downloaded ad supported content 
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How Penthera has solved these challenges

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