2021 Latin America Video Streaming Behavior Survey

OTT is surging in Latin America, and it’s crucial for providers to understand the things that frustrate local viewers. From a strong preference for watching on mobile to consumers feeling unrepresented in ads, Penthera’s 2021 LATAM survey uncovers key insights about audiences in the region. Download the report to better understand the habits and attitudes of viewers towards video streaming, downloading, and advertising.
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What you'll find inside:

Our data reveals how Latin American viewers feel about streaming video.

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70% of Latin Americans said they don’t feel represented in the ads they see.
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53% cited cost as the primary reason for cancelling their video subscription.
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70% of would pay extra for a video platform to offer downloadable video.


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Latin America Video Streaming Behavior Survey

Q1 2021

The annual Penthera Latin America Video Streaming Behavior Survey highlights changing attitudes and behaviors towards streaming and download technology across Latin America. We worked with an independent research company to query 1,200 people in each of the following countries: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. Our sample included adults ages 18-50.