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What's In the White Paper


What successful health and fitness apps are doing to drive viewership.



How behaviors have shifted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Insights on the future of health and fitness apps. 





Apptopia provides competitive intelligence for the mobile app economy. Apptopia was founded on the belief that the mobile app community requires transparency to level the playing field and make way for innovation and industry advancements. Mobile publishers and developers, service providers, and investors use Apptopia on a daily basis to understand and monitor competitors, inform business strategies, and identify emerging consumer interests and trends.

In this report, Aptopia analyzed the Health & Fitness app category, as a whole, across the iOS and Google Play stores. They compared the category’s overall performance in H1 2020 to previous years, evaluating total net new installs and in-app purchase revenue. Apptopia then created custom groupings of fitness apps based on their ability to offer video workouts or video guidance. These groupings were analyzed by net new installs, daily active users, and IAP revenue estimates. 


Penthera is a global software company that develops and deploys products that remove friction and improve the mobile video experience. With tools that include video download, content subscriptions, and buffer-free streaming technology, Penthera helps OTT providers compete in a crowded marketplace and improve key business metrics such as viewer engagement, increased revenue, and churn-reduction. Penthera works with leading health and fitness, media and entertainment brands around the world: CBS, Fox, HBO, Liberty, AMC, Gaia, Beachbody, Obe Fitness, Globo, Showtime and many other streaming providers. Led by Michael Willner, Chairman and CEO, and Dan Taitz, President and COO, Penthera is transforming how the world accesses mobile video.

For the report, Penthera worked with a 3rd party research company to survey 500 people 18 and older in the US about their mobile fitness behaviors. Our responses include all people who watch mobile fitness video content.

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