2020 US Mobile Streaming Behavior Survey

Over the past three years, Penthera’s US Mobile Streaming Behavior Study has tracked streaming and download behaviors. This year’s study revealed that more people are downloading mobile video content than ever before–67% percent have downloaded content, a 24% increase from last year.
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What's In the Survey

The US Mobile Streaming Survey is a comprehensive report of attitudes and behaviors towards streaming and mobile video download.

Dig into US streaming frustrations and behaviors.
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Learn about the positive effects of mobile video download for both viewers and mobile video providers.
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Understand how OTT providers can increase revenue through efforts such as ad-supported video downloading and/or charging for premium features.

About the Survey

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US Mobile Streaming Behavior Survey

Q2 2020

The annual Penthera US Streaming Behavior Survey highlights changing attitudes and behaviors towards streaming and download technology across the United States. We worked with an independent research company to query 1,000 people across the country and asked panelists to respond with “typical” day-to-day behaviors as they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. The sample included adults ages 18-50.