International Mobile Streaming Behavior Survey

88% of people are frustrated while streaming. Learn more audience insights from Penthera's newest survey, which highlights attitudes and behaviors around streaming and download technology across the globe.
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What's In the Survey

We worked with a third party research company to query 3000 people across 10 countries on their mobile streaming behavior.
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Discover how often viewers from Latin American and Europe stream and download mobile video content.
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Understand what actions users take when they experience streaming frustrations.
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Learn about the positive effects of download for both viewers and mobile video providers.

About the Survey

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International Mobile Streaming Behavior Survey

Q4 2018

The Penthera International Streaming Behavior Survey highlights changing attitudes and behaviors towards streaming and download technology across the globe. We worked with an independent research company, to query 3000 people in each of the following countries: Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. Our sample included adults, ages 18-50.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Mobile Streaming Is a Daily Activity
Chapter 3 Last Mile Problems
Chapter 4 Preventing Frustration
Chapter 5 Conclusion
Chapter 6 Appendix/Data