Penthera solves the streaming challenges of the last mile.


OTT providers want viewers to have a perfect experience across all their devices, from smartphones to CTVs. Yet connectivity issues often make that difficult. A CDN’s goal is to store the videos on the server as close to the viewer as possible (called “the edge” ). However, the last mile journey from the edge to the users’ devices, over wifi or cellular networks, can cause issues such as startup delay, buffering, and low quality. 


Penthera solutions extend the edge all the way to the device, reducing last mile challenges, through download and enhanced streaming technologies.   This ensures they can engage with your content without friction, anywhere they are.


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Extending the edge can help your bottom line.


Poor experiences on any video platform can lead to stream abandonment, ad delivery failure, churn, and poor reviews—which combined contribute to massive loss of revenue. Penthera’s edge-extending download solutions have helped our clients hit key business KPI’s such as reduced stream abandonment, decreased churn, and longer session times.  Plus, we offer several tools that encourage continuous viewing, enhance the discovery of content, and aid personalization. 



Let us crunch your numbers to see how much money you can save by extending the edge.



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